About Us


After 17 years of travelling every year around Europe and Asia, Travel Swop was born out of our frustration in finding suitable do-it-yourself transportation while travelling when you want it.

What does Travel Swop do?

For every traveller that has reached the end of their journey and are making their way home, there is another traveller who has just touched down and is eager to pick up where you left off.

This is where Travel Swop steps in. We provide the connection between you and fellow travellers to swop not only your modus transportatus, but also travel tales and lifeline  friendships in one easy and convenient location.

How does Travel Swop connect me with other travellers?

We provide a simple search function that allows you to drill down to country, city, the item and model you are looking for with the from and to dates the item will be available in the city you selected. This way you can plan your trip in advance to work out which city you need to land in to buy your transportation and start your journey.


Or if you get half way through your journey and you need to go home to you can update your location and date range to let people know that you are going to be in town and have a rocket ship for swop.

How does it work for me?

For the Swoppa (you're the one looking to sell your bike, car or motorbike): It's very easy. You can create an account or sign in with your Facebook/Twitter account then add a new Swop. Fill out all the Swop details and give a date range that you expect to reach your final destination so that fellow travellers know roughly when you will be in the city that they are looking to buy your swop.


If is free to post your swop on Travel Swop. If you want to better promote your swop you can purchase a Hot Swop for 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 month. This way your swop will appear on the home page of Travel Swop above all non Hot Swops.

For the Swoppy (you're the one looking to buy a piece of the next adventure): It's even easier. Go to the home page, adjust the search filters to match your travel plans. When you find your swop, click on the CONTACT button, login with Facebook/Twitter or sign up and then in with a new account and send a message to the Swoppa and take it from there.


What if my country and/or City is not shown in the search filter?

If your country and/or city doesn't show in the search filter then send us an email to [email protected] and we'll add the information in. We can add any country/city to the system, but in the interest of providing a good user experience we only want to show those countries/cities that people have a need to swop.


What do I do if I need help?

You can contact us using our Contact form, email us at [email protected] or post your question on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/travelswop and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks and safe travels!

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